RS Workshop Equipment

RS Workshop Equipment


Air and Lubrication Equipment

We are able to supply and install a wide range of oil dispensing and waste oil collection equipment from a simple hose reel to a fully operational lubrication bay, as well as air ring main installations using galvanised pipes and fittings. Here are a few examples of some items in our extensive range. Complete workshop installations are priced subject to a site survey.

Air Compressors

From a portable, 50 litre model through to industrial output silenced models, we offer a complete range of quality compressors at competitive prices.

Sourced in the UK, this proven line of belt driven machines have been designed to meet the standards required of a busy workshop. Being powered by heavy-duty electric motors, each model is manufactured to current British and European Standards and has a fully certified receiver. Their twin cylinder pumps combine the rapid heat dissipation of an aluminum alloy mainframe, with the strength and durability of cast iron cylinder liners. Standard equipment includes an automatic pressure switch, oil level indicator, non return valve, pressure gauge, condensate drain tap, outlet valve, air intake filter with cleanable elements and a full 12 months warranty. Available in single or three phase.

Model Specification
C50 10 cfm, 150 psi, 2 HP, 50 litre tank
C100 as above but with 100 litre tank
C150 15 cfm, 150 psi, 3 HP, 150 litre tank
C200 as above but with 200 litre tank
Standard Stock Models

A variety of other units are also available, usually from stock, including silenced, petrol and diesel engine compressors. Please call for details.

Motorcycle Waste Oil Collection/Discharge Unit

Part No: WO1

An essential tool for any motorcycle workshop, the W01 Waste Oil Unit boasts a telescopic funnel enabling use in conjunction with a motorcycle lift at any height, available in 35 or 75 litre capacity tank complete with discharge hose and nozzle (0.5 bar).

2:1 Pump with Dispensing Valve C/W Drip Tray

Part No: BA 454100

This unit fits directly into a 250ltr drum. It enables the workshop technicians to decant oil into measuring jugs ready to go into a bike. It has a drip tray that filters any spillages back into the drum so the oil remains un-contaminated.

Rotary Drum Pump

Part No: BA 308000

A cheap and easy solution to transfer oil from 205ltr drums into bigger storage tanks. In ideal conditions this unit is capable of dispensing 30ltrs per minute. C/W 1.3m delivery hose.

Air Pump Kit for 205ltr Drums

Part No: BA 454002

This Unit can be used directly from a 205ltr drum. It screws into the drum, uses a 1:1 ratio airoperated pump to disperse oil directly into storage tanks via high delivery oil nozzle and air valve. Comes with 3m of hose from pump to nozzle. Needs 7 bar inlet pressure. 42l/min (up to 11 gallons per minute).

Lubrication Workbench System

Part No: BA 450000

A ready to use system with no need for pipelines, as all the components are factory mounted. Compact design allows you to store one 205 litre drum. The unit has a metal worktop to be used as a workbench. Included features are 3:1 pressure ratio air operated oil pumps, one enclosed hose reel with 8m hose, one electronic hose end meter and one air distributor outlet with quick coupler and blowgun.