RS Workshop Equipment

RS Workshop Equipment


General Workshop Equipment

Everything you need to complete the modern, professional and highly functional motorcycle service facility.


Water based bio-remediating parts washer
  • Solvent free, water-based cleaning
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic
  • Reduced waste-disposal costs
  • Lower risk to employees and the environment
  • User-friendly, operating at 40°C
  • Lower operating costs
  • Dermatologically safe

The Eco-Washer is lower cost to run than most solvent-based parts washers, yet cleans parts more effectively, leaving no surface film. Its patented bio-remediation system breaks down oils and greases without the use of solvent and therefore avoids the need for specialist waste disposal.


Bio-remediation is the use of biological agents such as microbes or plants to break down or neutralize "hazardous substances" or "contaminants" thereby removing dangerous chemicals in the environment.

How is "Bio-remediating" different from "Biodegradable"?

BIO-REMEDIATION is the use of natural biological agents such as microbes to break down or neutralize "hazardous substances" or contaminants.
FOR EXAMPLE: In the Eco-Washer, natural biological agents or microbes break down the carbon-based contaminants (grease and oil) and turn them into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

BIODEGRADABLE means that a substance or mixture is subject to or could be broken down by biological agents into smaller compounds.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

An ultrasonic cleaner uses high frequency sound waves to agitate water, creating millions of tiny cavitation bubbles. These bubbles, virtually invisible to the eye, act on and remove contaminants adhering to the surfaces of any object in the water, such as metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. This action penetrates the smallest cracks, holes and recesses and thoroughly removes all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surfaces. For best results cleansing agent is used in the ultrasonic cleaner, at a tempreture typically 45°C - 50°C. Depending on the type of contamination and the item to be cleansed there are different cleaning agents available. Contaminants can include dust, dirt, oil, pigments, grease, polishing compounds, fingerprints, biological soil like blood, and so on. We typically supply these units for carb, injector and engine cleaning.

We can supply bench top units from 6lt up to 50ltr including cleaning solutions for different applications.

Static Workbenches

RS heavy-duty workbenches are available at a standard work height of 850mm, or at 950mm. The ideal height for working with vices and engine prep. They can be fitted with adjustable feet or lockable castors, and a choice of hard wearing composite work surfaces.

Workbench dimensions: 1200mm wide, 850mm high, 600mm deep.

Shot Blasting Cabinet

How many times have you had a second-hand machine in and needed to clean it up before it's presentable enough to earn premier space in your showroom? You no doubt realise the secret to a good and lasting finish is in good professional preparation. In-house shot blasting can be your affordable solution to having better quality machines than your competitors. The cabinet is bench top mounting and comes delivered assembled and ready to use. It is designed for use with glass beads or plastic granular mediums. The glass beading can be supplied as required in 5kg tubs.

Parts Washer

Free standing parts washer that works from a fully enclosed electric motor or can be used with compressed air (1/4 BSP inlet). The tank is one piece nonwelded and has removable shelf and parts basket to keep parts out of the solvent during inspection and drying. The built in filter is replaceable and the solvent is delivered via a flexible metal pipe, a unique Turbo feature gives far better results for less effort. The electric motor can be easily serviced avoiding costly replacements as on cheaper units.

Hydraulic Presses

A familiar sight in modern workshops, hydraulic presses are ideal for crank rebuilds, etc. We offer a 30t press complete with gauge that is capable for most jobs. Different models available on request.

Pillar Drills

Pillar drills offer a safe solution for precise drilling or quantity jobs. The three drills we offer have full CE specifications and a proven electric motor for durability and long life. Both models we offer have height adjustable tables, the GDM50 is fitted with an easy turn handle and ratchet. The multi speed belt drive gives a flexibility to handle most types of material, and the rack and pinion type shaft feed and present depth for the most precise work.

Bench Grinders

Bench grinders are needed by even the smallest workshop and are used for a whole host of jobs large and small. All the units on offer have safety guards, tool rests and eye shields. Each unit comes with grinding stones and or wire wheels and replacements either fine or coarse are available as required.


We can supply cast iron engineer's vices 4" or 6" from stock and can supply up to 8" to order. Each one has a two year breakage guarantee.

Brake Bleeder/Pressure Testing Kit

This essential workshop tool consists of a vacuum unit and re-filler providing quick, clean, one man operation. The re-filler simply attaches to the master cylinder avoiding spillage and dragging more air through when the reservoir becomes empty. Also tests compression, Fuel injector pressure regulators, Emission control recirculation valves (EGR), Vacuum ignition sensors etc. The vacuum unit draws out the old fluid and sucks the fresh fluid through from the master cylinder - complete bleeding and renewal in just minutes! Supplied with instructions.

Auxiliary Tank

Part No: 44000135

Capacity 1 litre of fluid. On fuel-injected motorcycles a heavy duty valve with two adapters (1/4" and 5/16") are included, plus 740mm length of 3/8" fuel line. Gives you the ability to work on a running engine when the tank has been removed. Also useful for refilling transmission oil on some late model bikes.

Brake Piston Resetting Tool

Part No: 44000115

Perfect for resetting the pistons in brake callipers. Parallel guidance protects the moving parts against damage and tilting. Avoid using tyre levers and large screwdrivers and do it the professional way.

Universal Flywheel Holding Tool

Part No: 44000060

Double sided pins 5mm & 9 mm adjust to hold flywheel, clutch and pulley from rotating. Locking adjusting screw can be adjusted to required diameter.

Oil Filter Cap Wrench

Part No: 45000100

15 pcs. Cap type filter wrenches including 14 wrenches and one adaptor. Designed to grip like sockets, minimising the possibility of crushing filters. Electro-black oxide finish for rust protection. Use with 3/8" or square drive wrenches. Supplied in carry-case.

Folding Crane

Part No: 42030007

Hoisting capacity kg. 1000. Fast folding model provides easy storage and transportation. Heavy duty castors. Weights only 74 kg and is perfect for mobile or workshop use. Steel wheels. Side pump access with removable handle.

Brake Fluid Bleeder

Part No: 45000140

1 litre capacity. Simple one man operation using standard workshop air supply. Quick and easy operation that does not require any specialist reservoir caps. Draws fluid from the bleed nipple enabling either bleeding or full replacement of fluid in the system.

Coil Spring Compressor

Part No: 44000315

Easy to use tool that solves the problem of how to mount and dismount coil springs on motorcycles.

Fork Oil Level Gauge

Part No: 44000330

For checking and adjusting the oil level on all conventional or inverted forks. Adjustable ring will measure oil levels from 0-300mm. Syringe has a capacity of 60ml.

Fork Seal Installation Tool

Part No: 44000375

Designed for easy installation of most fork seals on either conventional or inverted forks. Range from 26 - 45mm.

Suspension Compressor & Service Tool

Part No: RS450SA

Front fork and rear spring compressor designed to work on most sport bikes and road racers with cartridge forks. Allows you to remove the spring safely and holds the fork / shock for general servicing. Standard issue in many MotoGP, WSB and BSB teams today. Comes with adapters from 45mm – 87mm.