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Motorcycle MoT Equipment

This is perhaps one of the most complex areas of a motorcycle workshop from a planning and application perspective.

We simplify the whole process based purely upon years of experience with MoT installations. The most advanced, widely used and highly reputed range of equipment, with over 600 Motorcycle bay installation, backs up our position as the UK's experts on Class 1 & 2 MoT Testing.

Also, if you require any assistance with the layout of your motorcycle MoT bay, or would just like some guidance on rules and legislation, do not hesitate to contact RS Workshop Equipment — MoT Layout Services.

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We're happy to visit you for MoT surveys and workshop planning surveys.

Also, please take a look at our MoT Layout services.

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BT5000 MKII Roller Brake Tester

The BT5000 MKII, undoubtedly the UK's most popular motorcycle roller brake tester, has been designed to comfortably test the brakes of all motorcycles regardless of size, weight or wheel size.

The neat, compact unit is fitted into the floor and all readings are taken from a wall mounted remote console, ensuring complete freedom from obstruction in the testing area. Testing could not be more simple – just ride on and the BT5000 MKII does the rest, testing the brakes and weighing the bike with a user-friendly remote control handset to command the operation.

The combination of analogue and digital display provides valuable diagnostic information relevant to brake performance such as drum ovality.

Printed Results

To complete the professional image and approach installed by the BT5000 MKII, a printer can be added to the system providing your customer with an official printout of his brake performance.

Firmly established as the benchmark for motorcycle MoT testing, the BT5000 MKII is sure to increase customer confidence and hugely improve company profile – as well as giving you the accurate and consistent readings you want – time and time again.

  • MoT approved by V.O.S.A.
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Low speed rollers eliminating 'kick-out'
  • Digital and Analogue display
  • Built-in weighing facility
  • Remote control operation
  • Installation and training by qualified R.S. Workshop Equipment engineer
  • One year warranty
  • Self-diagnostic and memory facilities
  • Printer option
  • Motor: 1.5Kw 1ph 220/240V
  • approx. pit dimension (LxWxD): 1040x580x270mm
  • approx. console dimension (HxWxD): 400x500x120mm
  • Max. axle load: 1000kg
  • Unit weight (incl. bed, console and packing): 170kg
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Headlamp Tester

V.O.S.A. approved for use in MoT testing stations.

Integral fixed aiming screen. Internal analogue LUX meter for accurate light intensity measurements. Suitable for all types of Motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles. Supplied complete with 3m of rails, instructions and certificate of V.O.S.A. approval.

WS5000 Digital Weighing Scales

Digital weighing scales for MoT use, a large platform with low profile design and run up and down ramps to allow ease of use, the unit has 300kg payload and a remote digital display with internal rechargeable batteries.

Robust construction with workshop use in mind ensures reliability of this product.

Motorcycle MoT Inspection Stand

The MoT stand is the perfect solution for all MoT test stations. The stand has a unique feature that allows almost any bike on the market today to be lifted via the swinging arm pivot, eliminating the costly time consuming efforts to removing the fairings. It gives unlimited access to the real wheel and swinging arm for all the MoT checks required.

Complete with the Technicians kit with the various adapters for all models, one man operation and eliminating the need for lots of different paddock stands, this unit is the perfect solution for every workshop and MoT station.

BT5000BC Decelerometer

Linked brakes, Quads & ATV

The decelerometer is designed for statutory annual MOT brake performance testing of class 1&11, III, IV, V, VI & VII vehicles.

The test reading is shown on a bright LED display as Brake Efficiency in percent or the deceleration in meters per second. The electronic deceleration sensor used in g-meter+ gives it a number of advantages over older electronic devices and mechanical pendulums, namely:

  • It is self-aligning and will automatically sense the direction of travel. Precise alignment of the instrument with the direction is, therefore, not necessary.
  • Its memory can record 3 sets of test results; for example, for main, secondary and parking brake tests. These are retained even if the instrument is switched off.
  • It has an internal clock to accurately record the time and date of each test.
  • It measures the peak deceleration, mean deceleration and stopping time and then calculates speed and stopping distance.
  • It determines any left-right pull sensed during the brake test.

RP5000 Turn Plate

A turn plate working on bearings for a smooth action and easy identification of steering defects.

MoT Ancillary Pack

MoT Ancillary Pack consisting of noticeboard, all signs (5), low voltage inspection lamp, tyre pressure gauge, tyre depth gauge, corrosion assessment tool and embossing stamp.