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Motorcycle Wheel Balancers

Since the introduction of the world's first dedicated, computerised motorcycle wheel balancer back in the '80s (the now ubiquitous Balco B91), Balco & John Bean have remained at the forefront of balancing technology.

With an unrivalled knowledge of specialist applications and wheel balancing principles, we are able to help you get the most in terms of profitability and performance from the machine best suited to your needs.

The RIGHT wheel balancer for you

There is often confusion and misinformation surrounding the differences between 'single' plane and 'dual' plane wheel balancing.

Basically 'single' plane is really only suitable for narrow wheels, while 'dual' plane is better suited to today's wider rims.

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RS202 Wheel Balancer

New technology... traditional values

The RS202 is a dual plane (dynamic) electronic balancer built specifically to cater for motorcycle wheels using 16 bit technology. Neat and compact, the unit operates using 'low spin' technology, a method now both ubiquitous and famous throughout the world for motorcycle, car and truck applications. This 'hand spin' operation eliminates the need for expensive motors whilst reducing wear and tear on vital internal parts. The dual plane technology allows wheels as low as 3" in width to be balanced dynamically (i.e. Finding the discrepancies either side of the rim, thus eliminating 'wobble' as well as 'hop'). The wheel rotates on its own bearings mounted onto a fixed (no rotating) shaft, thus replicating the exact circumstances as when the wheel is on the bike!

Speedy and Accurate

The RS202 boasts the speediest operation of any motorcycle wheel balancer, due to its simple touch display information input, 7 second spin cycle and 16 bit microprocessor technology. Weight values, accurate to within 1 gram, are shown on a two LED displays (one for each side of the rim), with proximity lights guiding you to the exact location that the weight is to be applied. The excellent merchandising appeal of the RS202, along with its selfcalibration and maintenance-free operation, mean that you can be sure of years of trouble free balancing, satisfied customers and a company profile that shows your commitment to the service of modern motorcycles.

RS202 Motor option

Optional motor for the RS202 allows you to power up the wheel to the required spin speed for a fast and accurate balance. The motor disengages allowing the wheel to spin free on its bearings with no vibration for a perfect balance. The motor can also be used as a brake to slow the wheel down after balancing due to its built-in magnetic brake system.
Can be added to any RS201/2 as a retro fit kit.

  • Dedicated motorcycle wheel balancer
  • Single and Dual plane balancing
  • 16 Bit Microprocessor
  • Neat and Compact
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Complete accessory pack
  • 7 second spin cycle
  • Accurate to within 1 gram
  • One year Warranty
  • HxWxD: 1200x900x750mm
  • Electric Supply: 12v/240v
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RS1200 Wheel Balancer

The perfect choice for cars and motorcycles!

Similar in design and operation to the RS202, the RS1200 motorised wheel balancer complete with automatic brake provides an ideal solution for those not wanting to restrict their capabilities solely to motorcycles. The RS1200 can cater for all motorcycle wheels and the majority of car applications as standard, but can be upgraded further to accommodate specialist wheels and even light commercials. An excellent universal wheel balancer that is at home in motorcycle and car workshops, tyre shops and even mobile situations.

A range of specialist adaptors for monolever applications are available upon request.

  • Multipurpose wheel balancer for motorcycle and car applications
  • Single and Dual plane balancing
  • Neat and Compact
  • Automatic Brake
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Motorised slow spin microprocessor
  • 7 second spin cycle
  • Accurate to within 1 gram
  • One year Warranty
  • HxWxD: 700x680x700mm
  • Electric Supply: 12v/240v
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Balancing Jig

This static wheel balancing unit as seen in any Grand Prix paddock is supplied with 35mm cones on a 17mm shaft and is suitable for any front or rear wheel with bearings in, for the single sided wheels such as Ducatis, Hondas etc adapters are available on request. This unit comes with a spirit level and adjustable feet to ensure the correct position on the workshop bench or even floor. Ideal for the track side or budget balancing in the workshop.

Monolever Wheel Adapters

RS Workshop Equipment have designed and produced this new and easy to use solution for balancing monolever wheels - manufactured in the UK from solid billet, this wheel adapter is the perfect partner for our ultra-reliable RS202 Computerised wheel balancer - no more juggling with cones, spacers and gizmos! Compatible with practically all single sided wheels on the market.

Wheel Balancer Adapter

Wheel balancer adapter for all car machines to enable motorcycle wheels to be balanced. This adapter is state of the art technology, and has optional adapters available to suit monolever wheels if required.

No. Description Qty. P/No.
1 Base Plate 1 803e008 009
2 Motorcycle Shaft 14mm 1 870exxx 140
3 Centering Sleeve 28mm 2 860e140 280
4 Centering Sleeve 25mm 2 860e140 250
5 Centering Sleeve 22mm 2 860e140 220
6 Centering Sleeve 20mm 2 860e140 200
7 Centering Sleeve 19mm 2 860e140 190
8 Centering Sleeve 17mm 2 860e140 170
9 Centering Sleeve 16mm 2 860e140 160
10 Centering Sleeve 15mm 2 860e140 150
11 Knurled Nut M14 1 840e140 001
12 Spacer 15mm 2 860e150 002
13 Centering Cone 2 850e140 001
14 Pin Spanner 1 990e008 001
15 Conical Chuck 1 800e999 003
16 Screw M6x35 2 D00912 06035
17 Quick-Fix Ø 14mm 1 890 140 001
Adaptor Board Standard 1 900 008 142
  • Precise wheel balancing
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Modular upgrades to the existing system
  • Expanded clamping diameter for clamping scooter wheels upwards of 10 inches without using additional clamping jaws
  • Available to suit every conceivable make of wheel balancer

Motorcycle Wheel Service Accessories and Consumables

Part No. Description
RS303/5 Stick On Wheel Weights 5kg - 10kg
4201433 Harley Davidson Tri Glide adapter
WWP101 Wheel weight pliers