RS Workshop Equipment

RS Workshop Equipment



Next to the technician, a workbench is probably the most important item in any motorcycle workshop.

The RS range of lifts and workbenches are well established and over many years, proved to be reliable and essential equipment for workshops worldwide. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy, they are built to the highest standard and specification, using the best European materials and fittings. All comply with all current EC legislation. Our range stretches from the basic workshop lift, through to the highest specification Nano lift. We also supply a range of lifts for Quads, ATVs, Karts, Mowers and Trikes.

Nano Motorcycle Lift

A premium quality lift with an unrivalled closed height of 75mm.

The NANO lift has been designed from years of research into what makes the ultimate motorcycle lift by designers and motorcycle enthusiasts that understand the requirements of a busy workshop.

We believe that the NANO is exactly that, the cutting edge solution for motorcycle lifts, built to exacting standards using quality materials and fittings with the Italian quality and flair you would expect.

It has a closed height of just 75mm, making it the ideal solution for bikes with limited ground clearance. The heavy-duty scissors house 2 hydraulic cylinders that make light work of the 500kg payload. A slide in section for rear wheel removal, very short run up ram, front run off bar along with 2 side tool trays give the NANO a class leading position it deserves.

  • 75mm closed height
  • Hydraulic safety devices
  • Capacity 500kg
  • Suitable for recessed installation
  • Hydraulic hose protection
  • Run off bar
  • Slide in rear wheel plate
  • Side tool holders
  • Run up ramp
  • Electro hydraulic remote control (option)
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EG350P Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Already a firm favorite with hundreds of dealers throughout the UK, the EG350P is a foot pump operated hydraulic scissor lift of exemplary build and function that comes complete with side tool trays as standard.

A smooth 600mm wide non slip deck complete with front run off bar, side wing tool trays, mechanical safety locking system and a 350kg payload give this foot operated scissor lift an unrivaled specification.

Not to be confused with imitations manufactured in the Far East, the EG350P is the only logical choice for professional use where a self contained, foot pump operated lift is required.

  • 160mm closed height
  • Hydraulic safety devices
  • Capacity 350kg
  • Hydraulic hose protection
  • Run off bar
  • Side tool holders
  • Run up ramp
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EG600CE Electro Hydraulic Lift

The big brother to the EG350P, this lift is the backbone of the motorcycle workshop. The build quality and design offer the technician features that cheap imitations can only dream of. As standard it comes with front run off bar, side wing tool trays, rear slide away section to help with rear wheel removal, mechanical safety locking, integrated electric pump unit and an easy to use remote control for operation. As with all RS lifts this unit has CE approval and has also been through the very stringent TUV approval.

This lift is available as 1.1m or 1.3m lifting height. It is also available as a flush floor fit lift with all the required safety devices. A floor fitting frame option is also available.

  • 180mm closed height
  • Hydraulic safety devices
  • Capacity 600kg
  • Suitable for recessed installation
  • Hydraulic hose protection
  • Run off bar
  • Slide in rear wheel plate
  • Side tool holders
  • Run up ramp
  • Electro hydraulic remote control
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EG800HCFE Electro Hydraulic Lift

The ultimate in motorcycle lifting equipment. The EG800 is a workstation of unrivalled quality and specification, designed for the workshop where, quite simply, only the best will do.

This highly engineered and robust tool boasts features such as a foot operated electro pump unit, 1.2m lifting height and superior drop down tail section. Space saving scissor operation by means of a single phase electric supply guarantees the quietest and smoothest running lift available. A class leading 1.2 meter lifting height completes the luxury specification. Can be supplied with optional vertical operating unit, side extension kit, front wheel clamp and tie down straps are available. This lift can be flush fitted into the floor of your workshop, please call us to discuss your individual requirements.

  • Electro hydraulic operation
  • 800kg Capacity
  • 1.3m Lifting height
  • Electro-mechanical safety device
  • Front run off bar
  • Side tool holders
  • Cable operated remote control infrared remote control option available
  • Hydraulic pipe protection
  • Rear pull out section
  • Premium Italian quality
  • Available as colour coded option
  • In-ground frame recommended when installing all in-ground lifts
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ST02 Super Titan Scissor Jack

An excellent tool for use on its own or in conjunction with a workbench, the Super Titan acts as a support for bikes without centre stands. A super tough industrial thread ensures even the heaviest of machines can be jacked up with ease.

A selection of telescopic mounting arms ensure that all applications are catered for in complete safety, whilst non slip feet, operating handle and superior build quality set this apart from cheap copies.

  • Maximum lifting capacity: 400kg
  • Net Weight: 15kg

Wheel Clamps & Accessories

We offer a range of front wheel clamps to suit all lifts, from roll in automatic clamps to high fronted screw clamps to securely hold the motorcycle avoiding any contact with the wheel rims.



Heavy duty front wheel clamp that extends high up the front wheel for maximum stability.



Automatic fron wheel clamp 'roll in & roll out' without any manual adjustment to tighten. Has a unique feature to allow the front wheel to come out of the bike forwards. Can be used for vehicle transport.


Side Extension Kit

Side extension kit to extend the EG range of lifts up to 1.3m wide allowing Quads & ATV's to be safely lifted.


Anti Skid Plate

Aluminium chequered anti skid plate also for centre stand protection.



Sliding tie down hook kit that covers the length of the lift, and allows the bike to be sucurely tied to the lift.

Floor Frame

Optional floor frame for recessing your lift in to the floor.

Tool Holders

Side wings that double up as tool storage while working on the bike and a safety measure.


Front Extension Kit

Deck extender allow you to increase the length of your EG600 workbench by a further 30cms. Ideal for working on bikes with a longer wheelbase, large tourers, Harleys etc.