RS Workshop Equipment

RS Workshop Equipment


Equipment Finance

The only sensible choice

Capital equipment for the workshop is, in many instances, the least priority purchase in the eyes of many. However, in an age where technology can make or break the success of any business, it is essential that workshops are equipped with the latest service equipment. Indeed, this can have an affect on everything from the quality of technician attracted, through to the sales in the showroom. Our finance facility allows equipment standards to be kept right up to date at a fixed monthly cost, helping to ease budgeting and free up cashflow for other areas such as stock etc.

Is it competitive?

Yes: because we are able to provide, in most instances, the most competitive rates of interest. We don't make any money from offering finance, our job is simply to provide top quality equipment to the motorcycle industry. We are able to offer hire purchase or lease rental each with their own benefits for individual businesses. The philosophy is simple; provide a solution to the trade with the higher quality of equipment associated with Balco, at prices that would normally only gain access to products of a lesser standard.

Who is eligible?

If you are reading this then the chances are you would be accepted for our finance, and that can even apply to new businesses! Our whole criteria for acceptance is different to that of standard finance providers (our aim, and in fact most of the time our achievement, is to turn approvals around within the hour!) and therefore we won't necessarily penalise a brand new business because of a lack of trading history... we just look at the pre-trading history, just like an electrical or furniture store would!

What are the options?

The options are almost endless, simply because we can tailor the package to suit your needs with regards to deposits and profile. However, our standard arrangements include Lease Rental and Hire Purchase from 6 to 60 months, and Interest Free agreements.

Want an example?

An RS Equipment Wheel Balancer on a three year agreement could cost as little as £15 per week. When you take into account that the average charge for a balance is £8, you only need two balances per week to be into a profitable situation. If you manage only 10 balances per week, your wheel balancer is already earning over £4000 per year! Which means it has paid for itself in the first year, even before the warranty is up!

Further Information

It doesn’t cost the customer anything for us to approve and application. If you are thinking about equipment then let us give you some costings. Even if you weren't, then maybe now you should! Give us a call to discuss further or to learn more about the options available. Contact us

Note: All finance agreements are available subject to status. Further details available on request. Minimum equipment value £1,000 ex-VAT.